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Nail Color Trends for 2022 Will Feature These 5 Colors

The 5 It Nail Colors for 2022 Are Amazing

There is no such thing as nail tiredness for me. Even though I enjoy trying out new cosmetics, changing up my skincare regimen, and changing up my hairstyle, changing up my nail . takes the cake. To me, coming to the salon to get my nails painted has become a way to unwind and shut out the world for a little time, even if I adore the mood boost and boost to my self-esteem that a new color provides. So, you get what I'm saying.


As someone who isn't a fan of trends when it comes to my mani, I'm curious to see which manicure colors will be most popular in 2022, even if they aren't my usual pick. (After all, I'm a sucker for new ideas.) In order to obtain the inside scoop, I spoke with two of the industry's top nail experts to find out which colors they think would be the most popular this year. For your next paint job, pick one of these nine trendy nail colors. Keep going down the page!

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Color 1: Soft White

The trendiest color for 2022 will be a pure, ethereal version of the classic shade of white known as "soft white." "Sigourney Nuez, a renowned manicurist, offers her thoughts. "Right now, I'm really into the delicate white that Pleasing offers called Only SNS NAILS.

Color 2: Salted Caramel

Think of it as a more vibrant version of a basic tan for your bare skin "a few nuggets of wisdom. "A conventional muted nude mani will be given a pleasant, lively tone with the help of this color. Fueled Up by Essie is my current favorite nail polish.

Color 3: Tender Pink

a soft and powdery reinterpretation of an all-time favorite color "furthers Nuez. "Granny's Pink Pearls by Pleasing is my current favorite—it even has an iridescent finish.

Color 4: Celadon Green

Smith & Cult's creamy celadon hue is one of my favorites "Brittney Boyce, owner of Nails of LA and a well-known celebrity nail artist, agrees. "Colors that are solid and pigmented, rather than transparent, are what I expect to see in the future.

Color 5: Transformative Toppers

Nail paint toppers will be the year's "dark horse," despite the fact that they aren't really a color at all "Nuez is quoted as saying this. "For example, Pleasing's Pearly Tops is a matte clear polish with a little iridescence. If you like a more dramatic look, you may layer it on top of your favorite lipstick for a dramatic change. Gold is another popular choice for a crown. Adding a layer on top of a color can give it a metallic sheen. Holo Taco's Gold Flake Taco is my personal favorite.

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